Mindmistress: Recognize this? I 'appropriated' this from your goons--- Smith: The steropium pistol--!! Mindmistress: Right. Attracts all the free electrons in an area--like unleashing a lightning bolt--in. Your. Magnetic. Field.Mindmistress: Since magnetism and electricity are two sides of the same coin, when it hits the nails, screws and tin can 
'orbiting' Chernoble-- Smith: They'll intensify and warp the magnetic field---

Smith: If this field ruptures, it'll cause an h-bomb explosion--I'll shrink Chernoble-- Mindmistress: Not quick enough. The magnetic lines are intensifying-- Smith: You maniac!  You'll destroy half of Florida--Mindmistress: No, I'm not the suicidal type. As I thought--you're reconfiguring out of that humanoid shape--returning to y our citadel--so much for Chernoble--now--I'm coming for you.


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