Worker1: Eyahhh! Worker2: Worker3: Please... Eric: The bard wasss right. Cowardsss die many timesss before their deathsss...the valiant never tassste of death but onccce.---Ssshakessspear, Juliusss Cccaesssar.Mindmistress: I guess I should feel sorry for the engineers, metalurgists, and physicists Eric's probably terrorizing right now...nyahhh. Luckily I scouted his citadel in the last few days--

Eric: Ahhhh...refrigerated carbon dioxide under pressssssure to put out firesss. Excccellent. Worker1: Help. Worker2: Please...stop... Eric: Sssome sssay the world will end in fire---sssome sssay in iccce.---Robert FrossstMindmistress: Good. One of five air conditioning units that cool Smith's citadel. I figured out Achillium's weakness separately--but it was good to hear one of Smith's minions admit it.


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