Eric: Now, if everything goes as planned---she's on the other side of this wall. 'Let the lamp affix itsss beam. The only emperor isss the emperor of iccce cream.Mindmistress: There, that should amplify the cooling unit's output...Achillium's properties amplify molecular bonding---in moderate to intense temperatures---the same way super-conductors carry electricity more intensely when cold--

Mindmistress: I knew Achillium was shaped easily, by primitive societies--yet withstands atom bomb blasts--so heat and impact weren't the way---winter or mountaintop cold was the answer.Mindmistress: Frosty cold changes Achillium completely. It becomes pliable. Brittle. Very brittle...hi, Eric! Eric: 'Here's a knocking, indeed!' Mindmistress: Macbeth, act two, scene three. Eric: How'd you know--? Mindmistress: Only this made sense.


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