Mindmistress: Okay...second phase. Find your 'sister', Vicki. Eric: 'Myssself expossse with lonely sssteps to tread...th'unfounded deep, and through the void immenssse, to search with wandering quessst--Smith: There---the reaction's stabilized, the magnetic fields're holding...I'll keep Chernoble as one of three fusion reactors here---why is it so cold suddenly? Cold...Achillium...oh, no....

Smith: Well, now that I'm aware of it, my cybernetic interface can raise the temperature...before this structure collapses---but the damage is done; the citadel's breached. --But you can protect me--Mindmistress: Smith! Smith: These are all under my direct control--and each one is powerful enough to match your armored self. Unarmoured--you have no chance. You've fought magnificently. Now--surrender.


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