Mindmistress: Smith---don't be foolish. You can't fight the whole world--- Smith: No!! If the world's nations find out---they've fought wars over gold---oil--they'll kill millions---over my discoveries.Mindmistress: Vicki! Guard Eric's body! Smith, destroying those helicopters will just be the first in an unending stream... Smith: Don't force open the doors...don't follow me...for your sake.

MindmistressL A large hidden passageway, but one leap will--Yaaahh!! Smith: I warned you. I studied your armor---fascinated by its surrounding field---but if you can see---light gets through.Smith: You probably thought your reflective armor was laser-resistent---but I've created new jewels better than rubies at aligning coherent light.  Mindmistress: It's a minor cut...partly cauterized. I'll..  Smith: Escape? *Sigh*


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