Smith: I don't think so. Another thing your field won't protect you against---is a slow-moving, but irresistible hydraulic press---capable of forty tons of pressure. Mindmistress: Uh-oh.Smith: So...sit tight and don't interfere, and I might stop it in time. I'm not surrendering the greatest discovery of our time---or cause a cataclysmic war.

Mindmistress:  Okay...forty tons of hydraulic weight bearing down on me...lasers flickering randomly before and after's where I come up with a brillant plan... .... I've got nothing.Shore: How's it going, Minton? Colonel Minton: The helicopters are about to land on Smith's headquarters with search warrents. He's influential--but there are many unanswered questions about himself---and Moodswing.


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