Smith: The helicopters are almost centered in my sights---Mindmistress: Smith!! Smith: What? How'd you? Mindmistress: Every technology has its limits...not so the mind. Smith: I'll summon---Mindmistress: Ah-ah-ah! Away from the console--no destroying helicopters today! I'll pluck off your skull interface-- Smith: Ungh! Mindmistress: --I don't want any more nasty sirprises!

Mindmistress: Now, Smith--- Smith: you wouldn't have been killed---I'd have stopped it--after you lost consciousness-- Mindmistress: How utterly typical. You're only secure if you have the upper hand.You're brilliant with technology---but paranoid and fumble-fingered dealing with people. Your stepfather attempted to kill you. Your ex-wife cheated and left you. You expect betrayal. Well, listen--


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