Pilot1: Finally! The sun's risen enough to find a good landing place... Pilot2: It may have just become academic...look there, in that walkway in fron tof the semi-pyramid...Pilot2: ---Those bodies in the germ-free biohazard suits--isn't one of them Smith? It matches the description--it looks like a mass suicide--min-Jonestown. What forced them to--?

Soldier: Colonel Minton? Sir--- Minton: I see it. And the fact that the cameras can pick it up means it's not an illusion--- Soldier: Uh...illusion, sir? Minton: Sorry. Thinking about another case--Minton: Are you sure Smith is dead? That it's not an elaborate fake?  Soldier: Well...the birds are...one is using Smith's really prominent eye...as an hors d'oeuvre.


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