Ty: Look, life's short...too short not to...forgive.  Lorelei: I s'pose... Ty: Lorelei--what's your first memory?  Lorelei: Huh?  Ty: You know where my memory begins? Where it's not just...bits and pieces?  Lorelei: No, where?Ty (Caption): I was five. I was watching my Uncle's house burn.  My cousins--my uncle--my brother Mel--Dying inside.  I heard screaming.  It didn't really register--it was them.

Fireman: Son--turn away. Ty (Caption): Memory's so srange.  Why was I he only one who escaped?  Wha was I doing...before?  My older brother? A barely remembered playmate...my drunken father?Ty (Caption): Remembered and feared.  Father: You survived?  Did you do this?  We warned you about matches!  I'll-- Fireman: Hey!  Leave the kid alone!  You don't know-- Ty (Caption): Arson?  Murder?  My fault?  Couldn't remember--I'll never be...sure.



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