Dr. Meaney: Hah!  Anansi sometimes spoke of Lorelei as if Lorelei could--never mind.  Mentally disabled?  There's my card.  Have Lorelei call me, will you?  Ty: Sure.  Dr. Meaney: Poor Anansi.  Her delusion's extremely deep.Lorelei: Hi, Ty!  *Giggle
*  That rhymes...it's raining hard.  Ty: Lorelei, there wsa this woman-- Lorelei: Phil and I went to see Up.  We loved it.  Ty: Lorelei, so you know an--Anansi Webb?

Lorelei: W-what?  Ty: Some psychiatrist wants to speak to you--she's investigating this Anansi's story.   Here's her card-- Lorelei: O-okay...  Ty: Lorelei?  Are you...okay?  Lorelei: No.  No, Ty--I'm not. What Anansi did--Lorelei: What Anansi tried to do-- still spooks me.  Ty...is it wrong to be glad she went... insane?  Ty: Well...the Bible says forgive your enemies-- Lorelei:  No.  Not her.  I-- can't.



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