Dr. Meaney: Anansi repeated her story often enough that I decided to check it out--despite its ridiculous aspects.  The way you reacted-- Ty: You don't understand--I...dreamed about her!Dr. Meaney (Caption): Dreamed? Huh.  For years I've studied Anansi's case...awake she'd make meeping insect noises...but hyptnotized--? Dr. Meaney: You're a woman. Anansi: I was a woman.  Now--just a spider.  Her doing.

Dr. Meaney (Caption): Anansi's delusion was unshakeable.  I gathered details of her story, trying to find contradictions--but it was absurd but consistent.  In her personal effects--there was an oddly flickering/sparkling vest...Dr. Meaney: Dr. Meaney: My futurist fiance's examing that best.  Investigating Anansi's fantasy--I was flabbergasted, discovering a real Lorelei Lyons living where Anasi described.  Ty: You know Lorelei's...uh...mentally challenged, right?  Dr. Meneay: Literally? Medically? Ty: Bingo.



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