Ty (Caption): On my next shift... Dr. Elizabeth Meaney: Excuse me...does a Lorelei Lyons live here?  Ty: Well, Ma'am,  I can't-- Dr. Meaney: I'm a psychiatrist.  Here's my credentials. Ty: Hmmm. Well. She's out with Phi--a friend.Ty: Is Lorelei your--?  Dr. Meaney: Patient?   By no means.  I'm investigating a story pieced together from my patient's babblings--Anansi Webb. Did you know--?  Ty: No.  Dr. Meaney: Her delusions's quite involved--and detailed.

Dr. Meaney: Anansi mentions Lorelei repeatedly--tell me--what's Lorelei like?  Ty: Well, Doctor--?  Dr. Meney: Elizabeth.  Doctor Elizabeth Meaney.  Ty: She's really-- Dr. Meaney: Is she into wearing costumes?  Cosplay?  Ty: What?  No!  Dr. Meaney: Ah.  One more question--Dr. Meaney: I've pieced together this one picture from Anansi's ravings--ever seen this woman before?  Ever seen that--armor?--before? Is she familiar--?  Ty: Gyahh!!! Dr. Meaney: I'll take that as a 'yes'.



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