Ty (Caption): The next time I slept I saw...her.  Even if I thought it was a dream... Mindmistress: Ty? Tyrone Dyer?  Tell me exactly what the Editor told you.  Ty: Tell...you...exactly.Ty (Caption): Then an angel appeard.  Vicki: Any luck, boss? Mindmistress: No.  The Editor left a taunting message, nothing more.  Left no clues behind.  Ty, when you awake, this will all seem a dream.

Mindmistress: Let's go home--I'm not sure how I'm going to break this news to Scale. Vicki: You sure Ty won't remember this?  Mindmistress: Just...as a dream.  Ty (Caption): Then some tunnel-thingee appeared...Ty (Caption): Then...I woke up. Ty: Wooo.  I wonder how Joseph or Daniel would've interpreted that dream.  Ty (Caption): Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. --Daniel, Two: Nineteen.



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