Dr. Meaney: I've checked the records.  Lorelei Lyons has been certified mentally disabled since she was three.  This is a waste of time.  Boyfriend: Granted.  But she's asleep. A few bugs--hidden cameras--Boyfriend: --And we'll see if there's any...connection.  Maybe that--Mindmistress? --uses Lorelei's apartment as one of her bases-- Dr. Meaney: Maybe 'Mindmistress' is Anansi's paranoid delusion.  Boyfriend: Maybe.  But that vest's real...

Boyfriend: What was inside the best's...real.  Dr. Meaney: You're a futurist.  Where'd you learn--?  Boyfriend: Broke into home for sun as a kid. Became a security expert as an adult.  Then a futurist.Ty: Freeze!  Raise your hands!  Dr. Meaney: Oh. Look.  It's the near-senile security guard.  Morning, Mr. Dyer.  Boyfriend:  Liz?  He's got a gun?  Dr. Meaney: He won't use it.  Shooting someone unarmed?  Won't happen.



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