Ty: You're trying to break into a mentally disabled woman's apartment!  I'd be perfectly within my rights to-- Dr. Meaney: Wing us?  Would us, maybe? Didn'tyour shift end?  Your replacement's snoring loudly.Ty: Yeah...Mike's a sad case.  Dr. Meaney: Don't do this. You'll wreck my professional reputation... Ty: You ruined it.  What'd you think you'd find in Lorelei's apartment?  Dr. Meaney:  The world's most valuable secret.

Dr. Meaney: We'll follow the slimmest of clues...the slightest of leads..to unlock the seven gates...ungh!! Ty: D-Doctor??Ty: Doctor???  But--but--I didn't pull the trigger!  Even if it was a misfire-- the gun isn't even warm!  No gunpowder smell... Boyfriend: Blood.  911.  Call.  Now.  Ty: Uh... Boyfriend:  Quick thinker, aren't you?



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