Ty: This is crazy! I didn't shoot her! Boyfriend: Could have fooled me!  Ty: That small cushion you were kneeling on--slide it under her head. Boyfriend: Okay...here! Now I'm outta here!Ty: Her pulse seems okay...no one's investigating a gunshot?  Or maybe they're calling the police... her breathing seems regular.  What in the world did she think was in Lorelei's apartment?

Dr. Meaney: Well...that's a long story.  Ty: You're...okay??  But...the blood?  Dr. Meaney: Before I went into psychiatry--I aided in psychology experiments.  My favorite was faking being shot--with Hollywood blood--Dr. Meaney: --And toygun caps--to fake the gunshot!  That gives me a chance to get close enough to do--this!  Ty: Yaaahh!!  Dr. Meaney: I loooove tasers.



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