Ty (Caption): I kind of remember people finally emerging from their apartments--only to see a white-garbed medical type helping their elderly night guard--with his 'stroke'.  Old age's so embarssing...Ty (Caption):  Now I'm bound--a prisoner--while in an 'ambulance'.  Where can you rent an ambulance? Clever way to make a getaway. This is a really stupid way to get captured.

Ty (Caption): I can hear them discussing what to do with me.  Boyfriend: Now what do we do with him? Dr. Meaney: He knows my name-- can identify me. Ty (Caption): I'm a minor inconvenience.

Ty (Caption):  Worst of all--she's here.  The woman in my dream.  The woman of the sketch.  Shushing me.  Acting as if the others can't see her.  Welcome to my madness.



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