Mindmistress: Hello, Ty.  Don't reply. I know my lips aren't moving.  This isn't telepathy.  It's an auditory hallucination---like schizophrenics have.  ---Only contorlled by me.  Only you can 'hear' me.Mindmistress: You can call me Mindmistress.  I need you.  I trust you.  You once saved my life--when I was young.  These people are investigating secrets Anansi stole from me.

Mindmistress: One secret in particular---which I never dared develop.  It'll wreck society.  It'll devastate culture.  --And most people--good, honest people--would kill their own mothers to get it.Mindmistress: I need a selfless, hoenst man--who won't be tempted.  Unlike Diogenes, I've found one.  You'll not see me, Ty.  Your face would give my presence away--but I'll be here.



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