Edward: Mr. Dyer.  I'm afraid you're our guest--for a while.  Samuel: Edward? You'll excuse me.  Kidnapping?  This will not end well... Edward: As you wish, Samuel.  Come with me, Dyer.  Ty: O-Okay...Edward: I want to show you--a most remarkable animal.  Ty: Um.  A horse.  Edward: Not impressed?  Ty: I'm a city boy. I know nothing about horses.  Edward: He's a racehorse--in his prime.  Now...

Edward: --Look at this photograph. Ty: Looks like this horse, only--weaker?  Looks...older?  His...sire? Grandsire? Edward: That's Orion.  Forty years old.  Ancient for a horse.  A racing champion-- decades ago...Edward: But losing vision--needing dental work...when Anansi bought him...several years ago.  Now look at him!  Ty: What??? that's the...same horse?? But...he's... Edward: Physically a three-year-old?  Grown younger?  Exactly.



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