Ty: You'e saying...this horse grew...younger? Edward: I can't blame you.  I wouldn't have believed it either.  My name's Edward Rastussen.  I'm an entreprenuer...I've grown rich by ancticipating trends.Edward (Caption): Then Anansi visited... Edward: Orion'll be lucky to live another year. Near-blind.  Too old to reliably sire anymore. So why--?  Anansi: My business.  Remember---no veterianarian near him--no matter what.  Edward: Bizarre. Agreed.

Edward (Caption): A week later... Edward: Broken leg.  Great. Even a young horse only has a fifty-fifty percent chance of surviving that.  I promised Anansi-- but if the ASPCA or PETA find out...Edward (Caption): Two weeks after that-- Edward: It's impossible!  An elderly horse can't survive a broken leg without infection--but instead of being immobile--he's healed.  Acting-- Anansi: Younger? Edward: Well...yes.  Anansi: Imagine that.



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