Edward (Caption): Then, the news... Edward: So Anansi's hallucanating?  She's been committed? Yes, the Argosy Futurological Institute will pay all her medical costs.  Her horse?  Recording, unbelievably. I've never seen anything like it...Female executive: One of our younger Argosy associates is dating the psychiatrist in charge of Anansi Webb's case.   Edward: 'Coincidence'?  Well done.  Edward: Can we get transcripts from Anansi's files?  Female executive: For a price.

Samuel : Edward-- as Argosy's tecnical expert-- let me say-- have you lost your mind??? This's some elaborate fraud... Edward: Samuel--I've checdcked this horse every day.  He's groing stornger...faster-- Samuel: Younger?  Not possible.Samuel: Well...after months--I have to admit--five experts put Orion's age as three.  So what now?  Edward: Backtrack. Analyze.  Somehow Anansi reversed aging--we've got to find out how!!



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