Edward: Supposedly Anansi stole these ideas from a woman called 'Mindmistress'... Ty: Huh?  Edward: Ah. You know the name, I see. Ty: I...dreamed of her.  Edward: Interesting.  This 'Mindmistres ' specializes in psychological manipulation...Edward: ...As well as...transhuman technology.  Welcome to my indoor firing range.  See that vest up there?  Ty: My gun-- Edward: Use your firearm--not on me---just ry to hit that vest.

Edward: My guards would cut you down if you turned that gun on me.  Ty: What's so special about that vest?  Edward: It's an attempt by Anansi's technicians to duplicate Mindmistress' main defense...Ty: The bullets are just-- swerving away?? Edward: Almost like a bad science fiction movie's 'force field'...but anyone can touch the best.  Fast-moving objects are the only things...redirected.  Utterly brilliant.



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