Edward: Now--drop your gun.  Now--you have a choice.  Either you join us-- Ty: --Or I'm dead?  Edward: I'd kill any number of people to gain eternal youth--to gain--immortality.Edward: Ty, isn't your wife confined to a walker--needing constant care?  Imagine what you could do for her--with this secret?  Mankind's dream--from Gilgamesh to Ponce de Leon.

Edward:  It's not fair--for any one person to haard that secret--keep it from humanity.  If this--'Mindmistress' knows it-- Ty: You'll steal it from her?  Lorelei's not involved. That's a diversion.Ty: A secret already stolen by htis--Anansi.  I'll join you--for now.  You're looking for the fruit of life--forbidden by the Lord.  It'll be interesting--seeing how you'll fail.



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