Edward: This is where we think the secret's stored. Ty: A...film? Edward: Anansi raved that her greatest treasure--is at SevenGates.  Anansi used blackmail money to buy the Seven Gates Plantation.Edward: At the center of the Seven Gates estate is Sphynx House-- which Anansi extensively remodeled.  After Anansi's commitment, we've sent in six teams of specialists and mercenaries to explore--

Edward: --To retrieve hidden treasures. Only three out of the six teams returned. What happened to those eighteee=n professionals--to their bodies--nobody knows.  Dropped off the face of the Earth.Edward: The other teams' members ended up in asylums---like Anansi. Raving. Violent.  Terrified.  Most couldn't even talk coherently.  There are seven doors into Sphynx House.  None have returned--intact.



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