Ty: You wnat me to go...there?  Half disappeared--half went insane...you're kidding, right?  Samuel:  He's right, Edward.  This is absurd.  Edward: Maybe.  But he's an ex-fireman...used to danger.Edward: We've sent the finest mercenaries--failing miserably.  Ty's a crack shot--but also--unimaginative.  Ty: Hey... Samuel: That's a drawback-- Edward: Not when half the men came back terrified out of their senses--literally.

Ty: A guest room--to prepare for my suicide mission.   I'm an old fool. At least there's a Bible.  hebrews Eleven: One: 'Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for--'Ty: 'The evidence of things--not--seen. Mindmistress: Hi, Ty.  Ty: You! Mindmistress: I've been near you the whole time.  You did the right thing--agreeing to help Argosy.  Six Gates holds many secrets.



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