Ty: So this really  is...immortality?  Eternal youth? How--? Mindmistress: I don't know. I came up with three possible methods---but which one Anansi used---I can't say.  Ty: Why'd you never...?Mindmistress: I was tempted.  I'd liek to live forever--but--52 million people die yearly--if they didn't--if they all regressed to childbearing years--population growth rates could double.

Mindmistress: Agriculture couldn't keep up.  Neither would medical care.  People wouldn't die of old age--but starvation would run rampant--so would plagues.  People would find life more horrifying than death.'Ty: Part of me was hoping--even though I know Man's not meant to live forever--that--my wife--it's a vain hope.  Mindmistress: Maybe not.  If Anansi did develop--we'll see.



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