Mindmistress: Anyway--we need to protect you.  This will do nicely--with modifications. Ty: The vest? You stole it? Mindmistress: Um. Anansi stole the idea from me--and botched it. Conscience?  Clear. Mindmistress: They didn't tell you why no one was wearing it-- that when someone's heart was racing too fast--their blood was diverted. Ty: Gross! Mindmistress: I've adjusted it.  It's quite safe.

Mindmistress: Here--wear it underneath.  Ty: ?You're sure--? Mindmistress: Safe? Quite.  In fact, it redirects kinetic energy internally--making you stronger--more flexible--like a young man.  Ty: Why should I trust you?Mindmistress: One word, Ty: Faith.  You have to decide, though.  I can spirit you away right now... Ty: Argosy will market immortality...sell..youth.    Mindmistress: We can stop it--together.  Ty: Deal.  Mindmistress: Deal.



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