Edward: Here we are, gentlemen--Seven Gates Planation--and Sphynx house.  Samuel: Edward, I still don't see why we need be here. Edward: Complaining, always complaining, Samuel. Once the premises are secured--Edward: By these brave fighters--as executives of Argosy, Inc. ---we'll take possession of any items within--personally.  Soldier: We won't let you down, sir. Soldier2: This'll be easy. Soldier3: Don't get cocky.

Samuel: Translation: only we get what's inside.  This is a disaster waiting to happen. Ty: Something wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost. Edward: Wrong...tense...seeing. How...how could it know... Ty: 'It'?Edward: That upstairs window?  That man...hanging...that was my father.   That's how we found him--when I was nine.  I'll never forget--the shock--the horror--that suicide scene--four decades ago.

Edward: That scene is etched on my mind.  I have nightmares about it. You all--see it too, right? Samuel: Definitely.  Edward: Wait. Something's happening...like he's dissolving--blowing away--like...dust.



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