Captain: Since previous squads tried to force the doors--and failed...I'm going to climb to the higher stories. Edward: Be careful, Captain.  Captain: Count on it.  I want to survive (Caption): Look at him go.  Once--that would have been me. How that brings back the fires--the smoke--the ladders.  Decades of firefighting--it becomes ingrained in your nerves.

Ty (Caption): Then it struck--an electric blue, eye-searing flash of ilght--like lightning--out of a clear blue sky.  The man they called 'Captain' fell to Earth--dead before impact.Mercenary: Captain?!  Captain. Awwww, no... Ty: A smell like badly burned pork rises...making me want to puke.  Clothes burned off, skin charred and seared, fat melted off.  All too familiar.



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