Soldier: What now, Meaney?  Eddie Meaney: Okay...we'll do it the old-fashioned way.  Stay back.  Anything might happen. Cover me.  *Ungh* They make this look so easy in the movies...Paul Meaney: No need to kick it down, Bro.  We're very hospitable here...Eddie.  Eddie Meaney: Paul? Paul?  You...can't be here.  Soldier: He's got a gun... Eddie: No! Hold your fire! This's impossible...

Paul:'s been what, three years?  Time for a family reunion.  Too bad Liz isn't here with you...come inside, Eddie.  I insist.  Eddie: Three years...since your could.Eddie: Eyahhhh!!!! Soldier: Meaney, don't go...!! Who was that? I thought Meaney only had one sibling, that psychiatrist treating that Anansi flake... Soldier2: Meaney! Sounds like he's being flayed alive..



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