Samuel: Of course, my 'brave' ex-fireman, feel free to try a door yourself. Ty (Caption): That reflection--?  Thumb pointing towards the next door.  Ty: You know, Samuel--I just might.Samuel: Ty!! You idiot, come back!  Ty: Yes sir. Ty (Caption): I'm not sure why Samuel took an instant dislike to me...or why...against all reason...I trust her.  Hide her entrance.

Ty: I don't know what she encountered.  I can't imagine.  Lyons: Lorelei!! Did you think you could keep your secret forever?  You have a lot of explaining to do, young lady!Lyons: ...Your father is not pleased.  Mindmistress: Whoa. Ty (Caption): For we wrestle not agaisnt flesh and blood, but against principalities, agaisnt powers, agaisnt the rulers of the darkness of this world..Ephesians Six: Twelve.



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