Lyons: Lorelei--just how long did you think you could prolong this--charade?  Before I discovered the truth?  Deceiving your own father.  Were you laughing at me behind my back?Mindmsitress: You're not my father. I'm just puzzling over what you are.  Lyons: Denial? How amusing. No. He'd be astounded...then angry...then greedy.  I was expecting my 'mother'.  After all...

'Lyons': Every other--apparition--has looked like a dead relative.  Can you only make yourselves looks like males?  Um. You're...sparking.  'Lyons': I am, aren't I?  You're about the only one--'Lyons': --Who might detect us before it's too late. Fast. Very fast. But are you faster than lightning? There's never been any peace between humans and us...and we always win...eventually.



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