Lyons: Go ahead. That exoskeleton gives you speed--leaping ability--but I only have to connect once.  That field that diverts speeding objects-- Mindmistress: --Doesn't work agaisnt energy-like lightning.  Yes.  I know.Mindmistress:  The question is--how do you know so much about me?  Bathroom, bathroom, bathroom-- Lyons: You need to go now?  Humans.  Mindmistress: Locked. Figures. Nothing a good kick won't fix...

'Mindmistress: Soap...bleach...toilet brushes...plungers..aha! Spray disinfectents!  Now to tes my crazy idea... Wow. One thing you could learn from 'mere humans' is aim...'Lyons': Let's finish this. Though we're a billiong years older..your vision inspired our advance.  You deserve a quick, merciful death,   Mindmistress: Let's do it.



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