Mindmistress: Here! 'Lyons': Aayahhh!!! You--murderer! My eyes--my selves! Mindmistress: Let's try a little--down your thorat--your nostrils--your ears!Mindmistress:  Your eyes and throat will sting, but given the alternative--hmmm. Hair shedding. Bye-bye, beard. Face changing--as if parts of it were swelling.  Huh. Hair changing color too--

'Eddie: Who--are you? Where am I? The last thing I remember was--no.  That couldn't be real-- Mindmistress: Eddie Meaney, right?  We're in Sphynx House. We need to leave--

Eddie: Feel sick--weak.  Mindmistress: We need to get you some antibiotics. Eddie: Last thing I remember seeing--my deceased brother Paul--? Paul: Hello, Eddie.  Hello--mass murderer!  Eddie: Paul?? You're dead!! Mindmistress: *Sigh* Right on cue...



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