Mindmistress: Look--you obviously know a lot about me. You should know gunfire is uselss against me.  We should talk.  Eddie Meaney: Yeah! Wait, what? Gunfire can't harm you--?  What about me??Eddie:  AAAAAA....huh.  So...what just happened? Mindmistress:  Field.  Diverts high-velocity objects. Eddie: Your...field. Hum.  That armor--you're like a drawing my sister made.  Liz called her-- Mindmistress: Mindmistress?  Eddie: You're real.  Mindmistress: Evidently.

Mindmistress: I don't want o fight.  There's so much we could learn from each other-- 'Paul': Sorry.  We can't let you take him.  He's been colonized.  And those gunshots-- though useless--still--'Paul' (Caption): --Will draw others to--colonize. Soldier: Gunfire?  We have to-- Ty: I'm with you.  Samuel--Edward--we're going in.  Rescue our own.  I got drafted into this--after all--we'd want to be rescued.



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