Brother: Well, well, well...arsonist...murderer...fatricide...and now thief?  What are you going to do, Ty--burn down another house?  Samuel: Shoot! What are you waiting for? Shoot! Ty: What?  Grandfather?Brother: No, not our maternal grandfather--but I resemble him, don't I?  Just like you take after our father's family.  Don't you know who I am?  Can't you guess?  ...Brother?

Ty: My br-brother Mel died when he was a child... Brother Mel: Yes. Smoke filling the catching afire...all started by a brattish child, playing with matches. You, Ty. Ty: No...Brother Mel: I'm what Mel would've become..if you hadn't burned me...alive! Ty:  I was five!  Didn't mean to... Samuel: Hate to interrupt the ghost of brothers past...but this is insane!



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