Mindmistress: Look, you can't keep this man...he didn't ask to be 'colonized', and he has family and friends who need him...can you understand...family?  Eddie Meaney: Whooo...I don't feel so good...Eddie: Aayahh!! My guts... Mindmistress:  Shhh. Let's lay you down... Paul: The concept of family is foreign to us, on either side of our...dual heritage.  We find it...amusing.  Mindmistress: Amusing to torture him?

Paul: You have been our natural prey for millenia.  Your--'enhancements'--don't change our nature.  Mindmistress: But that was instinctive--this is deliberate.  Paul: And you? Your 'disinfectent' caused us to retreat...in great pain.Mel: Many of the most revered in human society track us down mercilessly. Deliberately.  Mindmistress: Who are you supposed to be? Mel: A double is claiming to be Ty Dyer's dead brother. 'Family'.  Amusing concept.



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