Samuel: Okay.  That's it.  Immortality?  I'll be lucky to live through the night! Enjoy your 'family reunion, Dyer--I'm out of here. Me and my stupid dream *Huff* of living forever...Samuel: The exit's through there... Voice: Leaving so soon? Samuel Spencer, isn't it? Futurologist. Fascinated with extending the human lifespan...willing to sacrifice any number of mercenaries to gain...immortality.

Samuel: Wh-who's speaking? Yaaaaah!  Voice: We're many things.  For one thing, we're awfully fond of cliches. After all...every huge spooky house needs a trap door...The b-basement?  C-can you turn on the lights?  Voice: We like the dark. Everything interesting's often the dark.  Life.  Dreams. Nightmares. Immortality. Want to live forever?  No problem.



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