'Mel': Hear that?  Samuel's now ours--ungh!!  Ty (Caption): 'Put on the whole armor of god, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.' --Ephesians Six: Eleven.'Mel': Unhhh...really, Ty? You're going to try to outfight--outrun--us?  Ty: I can try. Ty (Caption): Then like the hero I am--I ran like a frightened rabbit. --Quickly getting lost.

Ty: If only Edward and Samuel hadn't taken my cellphone--what happened to that 'Mindmistress' woman?  Edward should still be outside--I just need to get out--the next room--Ty: Eep. Two of you? 'Mel1': As many as we want.  So attacking us is merely futile-- escaping us--impossible.  What do you want of me? 'Mel2: Just--yourself.  Forever.



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