Voice1: What is she doing? I don't like the way she's looking at the ceiling... Voice2: We owe this woman a tremendous debt--but don't foregt--all humans are enemies.Voice1: Digging her fingers into the celing--what a leap!  Wait--my host feels odd--observing her.  Voice2: The sexual impulse. No matter how much we share their experiences...

Voice2: ...That impulse, espeiclaly, is foreign to us--oh!  Voice!: She's ripping the pipe right out of the wall! What strength--how effortlessly she holds herself upside-down...horizontally. Wait, is that a water pipe?Voice1: Thepipe's water--pouring directly into the electrical sterams--murderess! Genocidal monster!  They're all monsters!  Voice2: They will be remembered--as martyrs.  Now she's free to steal form us that flask.



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