Mindmistress: In pristine form--potentionaly the most valuable vial on earth.  Unactivated--unawakened--it could be used to extend someone's lifespan indefinitely.  A dream..that thanks to Anansi's bungling became--Mindmistress: ...A nightmare. 'Paul': Because we don't see humanity as the crown of creation? Because we use humanity the same way humanity plants crops and domesticates animals?  Using that man's body?

'Paul': Exactly. 'Driving' it--'customizing' it.  Mindmistress: Many of your kind help us.  Most are indifferent--oblivious--to us.  Only a minority prey on us.  'Paul': But you humans hog it all!!'Paul'

Paul: Compared to the immense spaces in which the stars lie--your kind--and mine--are almost on the same level!  Both of us--insgnificant.  Infinitesimal.  Lose the vistas--the magnificence--the universe?  Never.  We never felt small--until we saw the stars.



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