Mindmistress: So...how many have you...possessed? Eighteen mercenaries disappeared in Sphynx House.  'Paul': Only nine survived.  Others died--either by us misjudging their biological limits or by their quickly committing suicide.'Paul': We regret their deaths.  It's a huge waste. They're much more useful--alive. Mindmistress: Sorry their deaths inconvenienced you.  Other: Ah, sarcasm.  Humiliatig, isn't it--to become a beast of burden?

Mindmistress: You can't touch me.  If I chose, in five inutes robots would envelope this house in a magnetic resonence field... 'Paul': So casually you talk of genocide.  We're resourceful, too--Mindmistress: That shot-- 'Paul': Your companion?  Ty, you call h im-- Mindmistress: But he's protected-- 'Paul': Oh, that's his gun,not one of ours.   It doesn't matter.  He's still essentially...destroyed.



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