Ty: Are you really-- Mel1: You think you can comprehend us? You never were bright. Mel2: We see things on a level you can't dream of. Comprehend us?  We'll just use you.Mel: Under our sway...that congregation o're a part-time preacher for... Ty:No... Mel: Your wife in the nursing hom? Ty: No... Mel: ?Your cabdriver son? Ty: No!! Mel: We'll use you--to enslave--possess--them.

Ty: No no no!! Ty (Caption): I shot at a mocking demon threatening all I loved-- 'For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity;' --Isaiah Fifty-nine: Three.Ty: Only to watch my 'brother' collapse--blood spurting--features and hair color changing--into a face I didn't recognize--a face of an innocent man--possessed.  I didn't exorcise a demon: I killed an innocent man.



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