Ty: I'm a murderer...a murderer... Mindmistress: Too late.  Ty--if it's any consolation--probably it was a mercy killing.  he'd probably ratehr be dead... Tu: Then controlled by demons?  Mindmistress: Demons? Understandable?Mindmistress: But wrong.  Did they tell yo that?  Ty: They said they weren't visible to us--that they're older than mankind--they possess others--that they're...legion.  Mindmistress: True enough--

Mindmistress: --But they're not supernatural. Ty: But everything else is true?  What's the difference?  Mindmistress: Well...an exorcist can't help us.... Ty: What are they? Mindmistress: They're Cellborgs. Ty: Oh. Well, that explains...Ty: Explains... Mindmistress: Wait for it...

Ty:Wait.  They're waht?  What are...cellborgs?  Mindmistress: Nanite-bacteria hybrids. Bacterium supplying energy--biological drives--nanites supplying tools--communication.  Ty: Uh...what?  Mindmistress: *Sigh* Ty...don't ever change.  Let me explain.



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