Mindmistress: Nanites--nanomachines--are tiny proposed machines the size of bacteria or viruses.  Imagine them latching onto bacteria--using the bacteria's natural locomotion--using its chemical reactions for fuel--guiding the bacterium.Mindmistress: Modular in design--when the baceria reproduces--splits--the nanite splits also--with electrostatic 'arms' gatering dust motes--to rebuild themselves.  Every forty minutes to a day--depending on the bacteria type.

Mindmistress: Soon they're spreading through the bacterial colony--observing--processing--relaying data to the individual bacterium. Giving the nanite-enhanced bacteria a survival edge--sending infrared signals to each other.Mindmistress: No individual cellborg is conscious--but the colony develops consciousness, as the cellborgs communicate--just as our brains are made up of millions of neurons and synapses.  Collections of cells--acting together.



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