Ty: But--they knew about my long-dead brother!  They made me see 'We are Legion'! How'd they get inside my head? Mindmistress: A blood-brain barrier protects the brain from most infections...Mindmistress: But some bacteria and viruses can evade that barrier--causing inflammations like meningitis.  Converting these bacteria into 'cellborgs', nanites invade the brain.  Targetting neurons and synapses, duplicate nanites spread--

Mindmistress: Antibiotic soap...germ-free masks...antiseptic wipes. We inject dead bacteria to guard against live ones!  We honor doctors--praise yaccine makers.  Cellborgs see us the way we see ecosystems....continents.

Mindmistress: Imagine how we'd feel if we found out an earthquake that killed millions was because the continent was itching...of if a Tsunami drowned whole towns--because the sea had a rash.



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