Ty: Was that Anansi a fool? Who would deliberately unleash something this dangerous? Mindmistress: Welll...she's the one who actually made the cellborgs...but they were originally my idea.  Ty: What? But--Mindmistress (Caption): The idea was that the nanites would make 'cellborgs' out of the body's defenses. White corpuscles turned into 'cellborgs' could defeat any infection. Cellborgs would modify cells upon reproducing--becoming younger.

Mindmistress (Caption): That's what happened to that horse. Its body riddled iwth cellborgs, started to repair itself--by reading the horse's DNA, gradually restored it to its prime. Edward: Eternal youth--to a dumb brute.'Paul': Typical human. Wanting all nature to serve your needs.  You wanted only cellborgs from cells dedicated to protecting the larger organism.  Mindmistress: Well.  You again.  Guilty as charged.  Ty: One of them?  Mindmistress: Their...spokesman.



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