'Paul': You've got the third vial--you have no right to it-- Mindmistress: Excuse me?  Anansi stole my ideas-- Ty: Would you have ever made these--cellborgs?  Mindmistress:  Not without better safeguards.  'Paul': Scared?'Paul' (Caption):  Anansi wasn't.  Scientist: We've made three vials holding the dormant nanites.  Once freed from the vial--they'll activate.  Look for cells to dominate. Anansi: It's risky.  We need a test animal.

Vet: This shot isn't going to put him down, is it?  Orion's old, but he-- Anansi: Not at all.  This shot should perk him up--quite a bit. Vet: Steroids?  Anansi: Nothing so-- conventional.'Paul' (Caption): The horse was injected with the contents of the first vial--making cellborgs of his body's defenses.  The second, however, developed a small crack...through which we escaped.



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