Mindmistress: How many of you are there? How many...individuals?  I know you possess nine humans-- 'Paul': True.  But many more--individuals.  Okay?  Cells collect into biofilms-- for protection.  So do cellborgs.  They're collectively...sentient.'Paul' (Caption):  Our biofilm communities domesticate the far tinier viruses that pretyed on us--using smaller nanites to contorl our once-deadliest enemies.  Now they serve us-- like savage wolves becoming obedient dogs.

Biofilm communities are everywhere. The plaque on this human's teeth is one individual.  The E.Coli colony in his intetines are another.  Teh residue in the pipes--even the pond scum--separate individuals.'Paul' Sphynx Hosue--the surrounding hundred acress--contain ten thousand--individuals. Mindmistress: A small town.  'Paul': Room enough. To a microbe, a hundred acres' distance--is farther than the moon from a human.



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