'Paul': Come with me.  I want to show you how cellborgs and humans could cooperate. Mindmistress: Ty?  Ty?  Did you do anything to him? 'Paul': Him? No.  He's no threat to us.'Paul':  I'd like you to meet-- Mindmistress: I'm familiar with Samuel.  Futurist and would-be immortal. Samuel: Ahhhh. Mindmistress, I presume?  'Would-be'?  No longer.  I'm now in the middle of an...immorality makeover.

'Paul': Tell her of our deal, Samuel.  Mindmistress: Deal? Samuel: Their culture is so new--they need an impartial judge to decide disputes between cellborg colonies.  I--accepted the position. In return--Samuel: --They're in me--easing my athritis--lowering my blood pressure--even eliminating a small tumor they found. They may extend my life--indefinitely. Mindmistress: An immortal pet. Eternally enslaved. Samuel: Perhaps.

Samuel: Ever read Homer's Odyssey? Where Odysseus meets Achilles' ghost--and Achilles said he'd rather be a live slave than king of the dead?  Mindmistress: Odyssey, book eleven, lines 620 through 630. Samuel: I'm sick of jogging. Of eating 'healthy' to live an extra year or two. Of attending rfriends' funerals--knowing mine is coming. Live forever? Any price is worth it.



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